About The CEO & Brand

     A creative, who created a luxury product that has reached many lives; Tamara Jackson is the CEO of Make-Up On The Fly, known as tamtam Cosmetics. Tam strives to design and create unique products, that have a positive impact, not just on her client’s lives, by the way they feel on the inside and are portrayed on the outside.  She has this creative approach and forward thinking. She ensures that these products are cruelty free and that they offer vegan options. She also focuses on a wide range of skin tones and types, especially those, that are harder to match. All products are made in the United States.  

     Tam found a deeper love for cosmetics in 2018 and did a lane shift to create her own space as a lipstick creator. Tams journey thus far, is best described by the quote “If the plan doesn’t work, change it but never the goal.” The original idea; A vending machine, Makeup On The Fly, selling/featuring various cosmetic brands, had many limitations and restrictions. Determined to move forward, Tam decided that it would be best to create all of her own products, tamtam Cosmetics, build the brand, secure clientele and then revisit the idea of a vending machine, which could then feature or be solely for the purpose of selling her very own products. Through this journey, Tam has found great joy in trying an array of products; Searching and making strategic choices to have the right pieces to complete each collection; This idea is to create a luxury cosmetic brand, that is not only reputable, but one that makes every customer feel 100% good.

     Based on the vast range of styles, techniques and collaboration, Tam embraced her entrepreneurial spirit; Launching her product line in 2020. Teaching and showing others how they too can be fabulous by wearing these products is the ultimate goal. Upon entering into a room, the idea is for each product to be recognized as a statement piece; A product to accent casual wear and after 5 attire. Her mission is to provide a lip product globally to compliment every culture and to create an unforgettable experience that exceeds client’s expectations. 

     Throughout her journey of design and product release, being able to build relationships, gain respect and earn trust have been key building principles to solidify tamtam Cosmetics as a luxury cosmetic brand. The greatest feeling of accomplishment and reassurance comes by way of receiving tons of testimonials about the greatness and style of products; This alone, has given Tam the fulfillment her heart destined for. 

     In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter who is pursuing an acting career on the West Coast.